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How to deal with the finances when you are freelancing

I often mention the fact that, working as freelance on Private Jets requires a lot more than just flight attendant skills. 

Being a freelance means you don’t have an engagement with a particular organisation, but you have a list of contacts who you work with. 

Every freelance has his/her list and it is extremely precious. Do not share it with anyone. 

The freelance is the manager of his/her own time, and they decide when to work and with who. 

The independent VIP flight attendant is also on charge of his/her own finances and to pay taxes in the country of residence. 

The other side of the coin

Not having a contract of employment means that you won’t have a salary consistency. Some months you may work hard, some other months you will be on ground for few weeks or you will be working just a couple of days. 

When a freelance receives the compensation, he/she must keep in mind that you don’t know when the next one will come. And because of that, you must be mature enough to handle your finances properly. 

The good news is that, the more they know you, the less time you will spend on ground.

Notice also that, to create a valuable reputation in this field it takes few years of hard work.

This include an extreme level of flexibility, to guarantee your availability as much as possible and a constant public relation activity. 

It seems difficult, I know. But it can be gratifying and will help you to grow as a responsible person and able to take action rather then sit and wait. 

In practice

Deal with our one finance should be part of the education but many people find it boring, too complicated or even impossible. 

To get financial education is fundamental to survive and get the quality of life you are aspiring to. 

It’s just another topic to learn, which require more attention than reading a poem, but less than learning a new language. 

On this matter, I came across a very dynamic and professional organisation, called I HAVE CONTROL

The founder, Mr. Christian Jiagbogu, has great listening skills and he can find together with you the right approach for your financial situation. 

Christian can teach you how to manage your money in such a way you won’t have to sacrifice your lifestyle, either living on a constant budget. 

He bases his mentoring to real life situations, concrete strategies to gain back the control of your life and create lasting wealth. 

You can find him on and on instagram as @ihavecontrol.

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