Finding the universe in one detail.

Private Jet Take-off

Finding the universe in one detail.

Private Jet Comfort

Finding the universe in one detail.

Private Jet Business

Finding the universe in one detail.

Private Jet Journey

Finding the universe in one detail.

Private Jet Voyage

Finding the universe in one detail.

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Successful Stories

Anita R. “Private Jet Coach – VIP Flight Attendant training was a great experience for someone with a background of 25 years in commercial flying, as it has helped me transition into the Business Aviation world!

Doing this course remotely was not an issue as Martina presented the topics practically, which helped visualise each component of the course.

Course material (workbooks) are very well constructed, and attention to every fine detail is of the highest standard.

Martina is a subject matter expert and a very classy, elegant, professional individual who sets a high standard for this exclusive industry.

With real-time instructional tutorials, Martina elaborated every topic on a preeminent level.

If you are lucky enough to complete this luxurious course, you will be investing in your future, and I do hope I can make Martina proud!

Blessings to an amazing mentor and inspirational VIP coach.


Kick Up Your Career

Interviews can be tricky and very stressful, because they require you to sell yourself in the best way possible and show your capabilities to people who knows nothing about you, in a short time.

Many companies also refer to the emotional intelligence to get to know better what’s underneath the surface, and this is done mainly because during the interview you tent to show the best of you, but what they really want to see is the real you.

Private Jet Coach will assist you preparing yourself for your interview.

Who can assist you better than a recruiter?

PJC's Mentoring

Private Jet Coach is an Italian brand that offers coaching and training about the Business Aviation Industry both in-person as well as from remote.

Our services are dedicated to all aviation lovers, in particular -but not only- to cabin crew who want to be part of the Business Aviation Industry and VIP Flight Attendants who wants to excel in their job.

We address also Private Jet Operators, who are seeking a complete and reliable training for their crew members, and also business aviation experts who need to get a deeper insight into certain aspects only, or simply refresh their knowledge.

Private Jet Coach’s aim is to help enhance flight attendants’ careers by coaching and training them, and therefore create a valuable and concrete chance to launch themselves into the unique world of Business Aviation.

About Me


Martina Vincenzi

Founder and Trainer at Private Jet Coach.

I know how it feels when you get into Corporate Aviation for the first time!

The luxury, the attention to detail, the creativity… and you feel completely lost as it’s so different from what you used to do in the airline!

I have 20 years experience in the field of aviation, both commercial and corporate. I started as flight attendant in a regional airline in Italy and then moved to Dubai where I flew for Emirates Airline.

Having flown short, medium and long haul flights, I decided then to progress my career into the private aviation and in 2015 I started my new profession as VIP flight attendant. While in the business aviation, I also had the opportunity to work as recruiter for two of the Business Jet Operators leaders in Europe.

Thanks to my experience as HR, VIP freelancer, VIP flight attendant and instructor I decided to combine it all under the same consultancy and service provider, in order to create a unique coaching program focused on the three aspects of my career that I value the most: training, coaching and… flying!

I can’t wait to coach you and help you achieve your goals!

Four Steps Away From Your New Career In Business Aviation

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    Martina Vincenzi is a Business Aviation Expert, Recruiter and Free Lance Flight Attendant.

    Private Jet Coach’s services are made to help you reach your business goals.

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