Private Jet Coach Bites

Explore Our Exclusive Private Jet Coach Bites!

Embark on our mini-lessons lasting between one and a half to two hours, delving into the glamorous world of a VIP Flight Attendant on a Private Jet.

Polish your finesse with hands-on training in gourmet plating, floral artistry, or the art of Silver Service.

Boost your job application by mastering the art of crafting a CV tailored for the Private Aviation sector.

All Bites are served fresh on Zoom at a steal between 70£ to 100£ per person.

The practical training includes a three-level certificate upon completing five, ten, or fifteen lessons on the same topic.

We are a flexible team: if you’re unsure about which course to select, feel free to reach out to us for personalised assistance or to create a custom mini-course, just for you!

Pursue relevant training and certifications to your area of interest within Private Aviation. This will not only enhance your expertise but also demonstrate your commitment to professional development.

Food Plating Techniques

  • Gourmet food presentation for Private Jets

Silver Service on a Private Jet

  • You are the host, you conduct the orchestra. Learn the skills of the high-class entertainer.

Flower Arrangements

  • Decorate the cabin of your Jet with elegance and style

Résumé guidelines for Business Aviation

  • Words are strategy, colors and layout are personalization of the Curriculum Vitae. Learn how to stand out from the crowd with a CV, edited and customized for the Corporate Industry.

Wine Presentation and Wine Service

  • treat your guests with a special wine: no need to be a sommelier, just know your product and move with confidence!

Menu writing guidelines

  • Menus are part of the Private Jet flight experience. Learn how to create impeccable, appealing and engaging menus for your customers.

Laundry Folding and Table Set Up

  • The elegance of the British Royal Etiquette, the charme of a dining table arranged perfectly.

Private Jet Virtual Tour

  • Get onboard a Bombardier Global 6000 and take a guided tour of the aircraft to learn all about its typical configuration layout.
    You’ll also get to hear some fun and enlightening facts that will surely make you smile 😉

5 session completed

Silver Certificate

10 session completed

Gold Certificate

15 session completed

Platinum Certificate