Private Jet Coach Insights

Whether you are looking to excel in the interview process, embark on a career as a Freelance Flight Attendant, or delve deeper into a particular facet of our industry. Private Jet Coach offers different trainings through which you can position yourself for success in this dynamic industry.

The field of Private Aviation is constantly evolving, so it’s essential to stay adaptable and open to learning new skills and embracing change.

This will not only showcase your dedication but also help you stay informed and prepared for any opportunities that come your way.

If you can’t find exactly what you need, contact us for a customised offer!

Business Aviation Industry - online training

  • .Support via Email
  • .Phone Support
  • .Access to Video Training
  • .Studying material and list of Operators
  • .Consultation Hours
  • .Profile Builder
  • .CV and cover letter preparation
  • .Introduction to business aviation
  • .General Aviation specifics
  • .Market analysis (inclusive after CoVid19 procedures)
350,00 per person
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Catering Management and Aircraft Administration - online training

  • .Introduction to DeliSky
  • .How to create a catering order and menu
  • .Food Safety
  • .Simulation of catering order and menu preparation
  • .Catering Budget
  • .Fine china, linen and cutlery administration
  • .A/C re-stocking
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Individual Corporate Flight Attendant - online training

  • .Introduction to the role
  • .Aircraft differentiation and standard pricing
  • .Individual Corporate flight attendant (freelance) checklist
  • .Where and how to find contacts and how to keep them
  • .Crew expenses report template
  • .Freelance invoice template
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VIP Flight Attendant interview preparation - online training

  • .Support via Email
  • .Phone Support
  • .Access to Video Training
  • .Ad-hoc Manuals
  • .Profile Builder + grooming and uniform
  • .Questions of the Recruiter and of the Candidate
  • .Flight Attendant skills test
  • .Interview simulation.