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Are you a job-jumper?

This question might light up a bitter smile on your face, but is a query that some recruiters have in their mind and don’t necessarily dare to ask. 

Personally, I find this question not constructive. The career of an individual – especially in the aviation field – can be full of unforeseen situations. 

Recently, I heard the question “why some flight attendants change company so often?”. This question had a secondary meaning which was “are they job jumpers?” 

My answer was: “You can’t judge somebody’s career only from what you see on their LinkedIn profile, because there are many reasons why a Flight Attendant or a Pilot have changed company. Furthermore, is not always something he or she planned to do spontaneously.”

Imagine you are the private crew of an owner, and all of a sudden he/she can’t afford the cost of the jet anymore. The jet-selling market is a field that moves pretty quickly, and soon you will need to find another position. 

Another case: you are flying for an owner, who is very attentive to budget. His mission is to find a great and cheap aircraft management deal and changes company ever noun and then. As air crew, you follow the airplane from one aircraft management company to the other. 

Consecutively, changes your contract and your LinkedIn updates.  

Third scenario: you are an experienced pilot or a flight attendant who joined a certain type of operation. After some time you released this is not compatible with your life expectation. Life quality is a very important aspect and we all have the responsibility to find a way to make it worth it. Therefore, you decide to change operations.

The list of events and situation can continue over and over.  

Private Aviation is a synonym of forever engagement.

When a Private Jet Operator hire someone, the intention is to collaborate together until retirement. That’s one of the reason why the recruitment process is usually long and includes a lot of stages. 

Because of this continue research of stability in the employees, job jumpers are considered not trustworthy and “troublemakers”. 

This is the main feeling and prejudice behind it. 

How to handle the situation?

When you meet someone who changed few job places, is a good habit to go deeper into it and ask the reason for leaving. 

On my opinion, it is important to keep in mind that the “job jumper” is strictly related to the surrounding environment.

Sometimes, you wish you could stay in a job place forever, but you simply can’t, due to reasons which are bigger than you. 

Covid-19 and all its consequences are the perfect example. 

Business Aviation is a small world. Everybody knows each other. Frequently, recruiters ask for references directly, therefore is very convenient to tell the truth straight away.  

There is no shame in change Operator, owner, operations or company as long as you are professional and you have always worked at your very best. 

All the rest is prejudice. 

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