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FAQ: UHNWI women.

The acronym UHNWI is linked very tightly to the Private Aviation industry and is often used to impress. 

The initial stands for Ultra High Net Worth Individual. 

In other words, somebody who has a capital of wealth starting from 30 millions dollars and above. 

Women and Wealth

More and more often the panorama of the UHNWI of the Business Aviation includes women. 

Still, men are the majority in this industry, with the 78% of presence. 

However, Ladies have done quite some progresses in the past years. 

Is not that unusual anymore to find out that the CEO that you will be having on board your Private Jet is an elegant lady. 

With their own expectations and needs.

How to adjust the flying experience to a woman. 

The VIP crew should be aware that ladies on board have different expectation that men. 

The VIP flight attendant must re-created their attendance around the feminine universe. 

For example? Special catering. 

Women have different needs, mainly focused on keeping their hormonal balance (the cross and delight of the feminine universe). 

Therefore, avoid gluten and wheat for a better food absorption. 

Go for cereals, legumes, veggies, fish and white meat. 

Chose biological and “body friendly” products such as amaranth, quinoa, millet, sorghum, rice (all colours) and buckwheat.

Don’t forget desserts!

….And flowers : )

Thoughtful toiletries products

Another keywords for a woman? Skincare!

Get professional products for a woman to display in the jet’s lavatory.

In particular of the flight is long or she is going to sleep. 

Remember that the aircraft can easily be 10 times dryer the the driest desert.

We don’t want her skin to lose hydration, do we?!?

Therefore, go for La Mer, Aesop, Dermatologica or Sturm.

Want something old but gold?

Then go for the most “classic” ones such as Chanel, Tom Ford or Dyptique. 

Don’t forget ladies products (tampons, pads etc…) and paracetamol!

I would also add a hot water bottle, or maybe one of those bags full of rice to warm up in the microwave.

You never know how intense those day can be, and sometime just a little bit of heat can solve a lot of problems.  

Be aware of the purpose of her trip

More and more women now fly private with their team or entourage but also with their families and sometimes even alone. 

Often they match a business trip followed by a spa holiday.

The focus of our lady customers is the wellness, the wellbeing of their body and mind.

Nonetheless, the safety on any step of their journey is something extremely important fo them, wether they fly alone or with the family. 

In conclusion, the most common destination for female clients who fly Private Jets are Switzerland, Asia, Caribbean, Middle East and some destinations in America. 

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