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Flight Attendant VS Cabin Crew – What is the Difference?

Business Aviation has its own set of rules distinct from commercial aviation, despite both involving flying an aircraft from one point to another.

A significant and contentious aspect of the corporate industry is the role of Flight attendants, compared to cabin crew members.

The topic is vast and complex, with numerous nuances across different countries.

The focus of this video is to elucidate the general variances between the two roles. In essence, Cabin Crew members hold a cabin crew license or attestation, while flight attendants aboard private jets are hosts who do not require such credentials to perform their duties.

Although including less authority and responsibility than a Cabin Crew, the role of a VIP flight attendant has its unique set of challenges and rewards, tailored to the specific demands of private aviation.

Still with safety as top priority, the VIP flight attendant training places a significant emphasis on high-end customer service, gourmet meal preparation, and the ability to cater to the specific preferences of high-profile clients.

They might also be responsible for the presentation and cleanliness of the aircraft, ensuring that every detail meets the elevated standards expected in the realm of private aviation.

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