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How To Manage Crew Meals On A Private Jet?

Ask any crew member, they will all tell you that crew meals are one of the most important aspect of a flight in the business aviation industry!

The rule says that all the occupants of the aircraft shall be provided with one meal every 6 hours to ensure their well being throughout the flight or, in case of the crew members, the working day.

Who is responsible for the crew meals?

The VIP flight attendant, if he/she is also in charge of ordering the catering for the customers.

Alternatively, the “Dining Department” when we are talking about charter or fractional ownership operations.

The Dining Department takes care of catering orders for all the flights, on behalf of the VIP flight attendant.

This exists in those organisation where the changes on the scheduled plan are so quick and so unpredictable that the flight attendant doesn’t have the time to take care of the catering alone.

What do we order as crew meal?

Plenty of choices! You can ask every crew member to have a look at the room service menu of the hotel where you stay and select what they would like to have.

Or you can buy something at a delicacy shop on your way to the airport.

Another solution can be to order a proper crew meal (with your name on top) at the caterer or simply add additional portions of the customer’s menu.

What is for sure is that you are not gonna starve on a private jet!

To be regular with your meal time maybe requires a bit of patience and organisation skills, but is also doable.

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