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Luxury food: Salmon Balik

This special fillet-cut of the back of the Salmon comes from Russia, and it’s a tradition recipe dedicated to Tsar Nikolaj.

It was used in particular to celebrate special occasion or State banquets. 

Proposed also on board Private Jet as starter or snack.

How is made?

The Salmon Balik is slowly smoked in wood and salt, according to the tradition. The smoke and the salt taste is the peculiarity of this delicatessen. 

Extremely delicate taste in your palate, similar to raw salmon. The color is pink with a soft aroma. The original recipe of the smoking procedure has been handed down generation by generation and has been kept always secret.  

When you buy it, it should be presented in one piece in a vacuum packaging and should be open just before plate and serve it. 

Keep it in the fridge for correct preservation. You can find it also in high-standard supermarkets. Just google the brands before making your choice.  

Plating ideas

Salmon Balik should be cut in wide slices, around 1, 1.5 cm. 

The original recipe suggest to taste it with sour cream and bliny (Russian focaccia, similar to a crepe).

Other version can be with caviar on top, or marinated with lemon juice and salt. 

Another marinade style is in vinaigrette (to prepare well in advance, like few hours in advance) then served with paprika powder and olive oil. It goes well with radish and dill. 

Consider to plate always even pieces for each guest, like 3 or 5. 

Blinis can be served separately in a bread basket, or you can assemble the plate in the galley and serve it “ready-to-eat”.

Usually offered as starter, you can pick the Salmon Balik as your fish-based starter option.

Salmon Balik is sold at the price of €240,00 for 500 grams. 

Wine pairings

Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé and other Loire Sauvignons. Because of the ultra-dry taste, the Sauvignons of the Loire with their graceful gooseberry fruit are perfect for simply served smoked salmon. 

Chablis. Especially the young one, which has a clean, crisp sourness taste. Perfect to “wash” the palate from the fat left from the salmon.

Dry Riesling. Thanks to the vibrant green apple palate, it work exceptionally good. Australian Rieslings are also very good. Better to stay clear of medium dry and sweeter Rieslings though.

Oh, and original Russian or Polish Vodka also make a great match!

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