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Part #1. Invest your money rather than spend them.

Private Jet Coach is the first Italian training provider for Business Aviation. 

I personally conduct my trainings and I also fly on board Private Jets on the side. 

Means that I know what I am talking about because I have direct flight experience. 

Recently, I asked myself why working with me is different?

Let me show you what I have came up with. 

I like to get to know my students

In particular, I know how to handle other aviation experts who come to me as student, because I know and I understand what they need to learn. 

I know the technical aspect of the flight and I am an expert in transferring the right communications and describing how to face certain situations. 

For example, I know that a cabin crew who has experience as senior needs to feel in control, to know the scenarios in advance. 

I am aware of the fact that a cabin crew who doesn’t have experience as senior is scared of flying alone. 

And in both cases I have the tools to reassure them. 

I evaluate my students based on my experience in both commercial and private aviation.  

I transfer the knowledge. 

Like Airdrop.

Like wetransfer.

I connect a cable from me to my students and I start uploading data. 

How do I do that? Simply by talking about my life on board. 

I speak about real anecdotes that happened to me.  

For example that time when on July the 4th in Tampa, Florida, I had to ride a bicycle with the front basket full of aircraft laundry.

All laundries were closed for bank holiday and I really needed to get this done.

So I decided to go to the automatic washing machine to get them wash and dry before next flight. 

Or that other time when the dog of my customers suffered from a seizure right over the Atlantic. 

I like to grow independent professionals

I spoke once with one pilot and he told me the that what he appreciates the most is full independence on a Private Jet. 

It became clear to me, that I needed to be completely independent for my own things, and I transfer this capability to my students. 

My trainees won’t get out from my course asking themselves:

“And now, what?”

You will know exactly what to do, when and how. 

I will give you the assistance you need, quickly and efficiently (for example the CV review) so you can continue with your job hunting. 

You don’t have to depend on me for your application, because you will learn how to spot them yourself. 

P.S. This article is divided into two parts.

Part two will be advertised shortly!

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