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Private Jet Question and ANSWER – Helium Balloons on a Private Jet

Claudia asked me a question about Private Jet cabin decoration for a special occasion such as a birthday, for example.

In particular, she wanted to know about helium balloons.

– Are they allowed?

– What’s the effect they may have with the pressurized cabin?

– Is there a limit in number?

– Is it better to keep them slightly deflated?

Part of the duties of a VIP Flight Attendant is the Cabin Style.

Means that a VIP flight Attendant can decorate the Jet according to the occasion: Christmas, birthday, honeymoon, sport match, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year, Orthodox Easter and much more.

Helium Balloons are children’s favourite and they definitely bring joy and happiness to any occasion.

You can definitely use them on board, and keep them slightly deflated is a good idea as the pressurization might expand them more during flight.

As always, remember you are on a Jet in the sky, not on ground in a park, or in a room.

My recommendation is to fix them to the walls or ceiling (use sellotape) to avoid their movement when the Jet is motion.

Other than that…. use any shape or color you think it goes well with the occasion, be creative and make that flight special ❤️

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