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Private Jet Styling

Jet styling is among the most enjoyable aspects of being a VIP flight attendant, and it’s probably one of the reasons why I’m so fond of this job!

When we do Private Jet Styling, our goal is to create a positive atmosphere and enhance the flight experience by providing spectacular onboard settings.

How do we achieve this?

By engaging all five senses of the human body!

From music for the ears to flowers for the smell. Vibrant colors or harmonious color combinations for the eyes, delicious catering for the taste buds, and soft materials like blankets and cushions for touch.

Each flight is a blank canvas waiting to be filled.

While there are standards to follow, your creativity is crucial in bringing it to life!

Not feeling very creative?

Well, let me tell you, I still draw people with long sticks for bodies, circles for heads, and triangles for dresses!

Creativity needs to be nurtured, but it resides within everyone.

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