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Successful story of Justyna Koslacz

I would like to express my huge gratitude to Martina Vincenzi. 

I did a 4 day Business Aviation Webinar at Private Jet Coach in September 2020, a course designed and conducted entirely by Martina.

Intense 4 days  packed with essential and practical information as well as fun for whoever wants to enter the Private Aviation World.

I would call this time an “eye opening experience” filled with “AHA!” moments.

Hey, ask me now to e.g.: do the catering order according to customer profile, create a menu, wow the kids, provide high quality essentials for the trip, style the jet etc… and I am on it. 

After the course, I do feel much better prepared and confident to face the Private Aviation challenges.

It is all thanks to the professionalism, deep knowledge, extensive experience of the PJC Managing Director – Mrs. Martina Vincenzi. 

I do wish you a very well deserved immense success in your career as a Coach and a Mentor.

Truly yours,

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