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The art of being invisible

They often say that a VIP flight attendant delivers an impeccable service, yet he/she can manage to remain invisible.

The VIP flight attendant is that figure in the cabin of a Private Jet who looks elegant, is always on top of the situation, remains calm and is able to deliver a five-star restaurant service from a space as small as a jet galley. 

What does being invisible mean?

In one world, or two actually. 

That you are so light and soft that I can barely feel or hear you moving around me.

That you are right by my side when I need you, but I didn’t feel you approaching me. 

Have you ever noticed when you are on an airline flight and the cabin crew passes by, beating each step on the carpet?

How annoying is that, when you are trying to sleep and they move around, shaking the floor?

When you are on a private jet, one thing you should put the focus on is the grace and the low speed of your movements. 

This is something taught in premium cabin of commercial airlines as well, and it’s important to make it your own style as fast as possible. 

What does the invisible style include, exactly?

Apart from the light walk throughout the cabin, is the soft operation of the galley. 

One example for all: not slamming the cupboards doors but accompany them to closed position with your hand and not with your feet or hip. 

Paying attention when you wash the dishes, handle them carefully in order not to drop them or to bang them against one another. 

The most noisy items in the galley are the china (porcelain), in particular when you have to pile them one of top of the other, and the cutlery. 

Also glassware is pretty noisy, but only when they break! 

Another good point is the tone of the voice. 

I try to keep it low, not too low that they can’t hear me but neither too high that it creates discomfort. 

Helpful ghost

This is my favourite game when I am on board a private jet!

I read my cabin and I learn who needs what. 

Then, whenever they are away form their seat or busy in doing something, I serve them what I know they need. 

No clear request is required, yet 100% effective service. 

Sometimes is just as easy as a blanket offered to a lady who is rubbing her arms, or a pair of slippers to the one who is massaging her ankle. 

Some other times is more tricky: you have to listen, actively listen I mean. 

Listen to the tone of the voice, to the vibration of the vocal cords, to the hidden code of the body language. 

The hand gesture has a lot to say as well as the eyes and the eyebrows. 

What do you think your cabin appreciate about you?

I recently have been asked this question and I really liked it!

This question served me as inspiration to write this article and I was very happy to answer. 

My answer is…. I think my cabin appreciates my invisibility. 

The fact that I am there but you don’t hear me. 

This way, I can manage to get close to you with respect, elegance and grace. 

With respect because I am not here to invade your space.

With elegance because you don’t have to be involved in the noise of the background in the galley: it’s none of your business. 

You are here on the private jet for other reasons. 

And with grace because my movement transfer to you calm, tranquility and safety. 

In conclusion, this is part of the VIP hospitality.

And you? What does your cabin appreciate about you?

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