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The art of manage of your own

Do it by yourself

We said this many many times: in Business Aviation we don’t have the support given from the Airlines, and you have to manage the whole situation by yourself. 

This is one of the most difficult aspects that new joiners of the Corporate World have to face and that usually leaves a bit…. astonished. 

What does exactly mean, then?

Imagine you are in a foreign Country where you are not familiar with the language. Let’s say you are in Seoul, for example. Imagine you are on a tight budget and you need to do shopping for the aircraft and also cater yourself during the layover. 

Manage of your own means that, in this case, you need to move around, find a flower shop to buy flowers for the cabin decoration, a good quality supermarket for the aircraft shopping, a bakery for dessert and bread, a well stocked newsstand for press and magazines, and maybe also a good restaurant from where you will order your catering.

Would you be able to do this all by yourself while in Seoul?

Would you be able to drive in a country where the driving rules are the opposite than in yours, where the language spoken is not familiar, where the cultural barriers are huge?

Would you be able to drive alone for crew positioning trough roads which are not close to you?

Are you informed enough to make sure that the food safety is followed at all times even in remote destinations?

Would you be able to think about a strategy and then on a plan B, C and even D?

Would you be ready to cook and prepare food by yourself if the catering suppliers are not up to VIP standards?

Don’t panic

This is part of the job’s responsibility and you are required to face any situation at the best of your capabilities. 

Certainly, you have the support of the departments as well as the pilots. But, at the end of the story, the duty is yours. 

These are some of the reasons why every flight is different. 

This is the special ingredients that removes the alienation from every day action that any job in Commercial Airlines give you. 

What is the most thrilling experience that happened to you? How did you face it?

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