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The Jet column: Bombardier Global 5500

I had been called for a demo flight for two customers who had been invited to a trial flight on a Bombardier Global 5500 that they wanted to buy. 

I felt flatter that my client assigned me such an important flight!

As soon as I came onboard, I realised that the Canadian manufacture didn’t disappoint me, as always. 

The cabin

Well, the cabin itself is exactly the sam was the Global 6000, just a little bit shorter, because the crew suite area has been removed. 

The jet I flew was 14 seats configuration, three cabin areas. 

In the front there is as always the master seat with the other 3 seats all facing each other. 

Then the middle cabin with the conference table. 

This is the biggest dining space available. 

At the back there’s the aft cabin with two divans (remember the jets can be fully customised), the customer’s lavatory and the cargo. 

The cargo is heated, pressurised and accessible throughout the entire flight, and is located at the same level of the cabin, reachable out of a door inside the customer’s lavatory. 

The chaise-long

The great news was the chaise-longe instead of the credenza. 

The Bombardier manufacture have implemented a special design for its seats called “Nuage”.

The cushions of the chais-longe are the same concept and makes the cabin look super cozy and hommy. 

What I loved is the cable-less recharging station for the phone!

The galley

The aircraft was very well maintained and the galley fully equipped. 

I usually take as my personal kit some food plating equipment. 

I didn’t have to take any of them out of my bag as they were already in the galley drawer. 


The galley runs trough both sides and is quite big and comfortable. 

Maybe just the chiller is not very easy to reach.

It is located at the bottom cupboard and it’s long and thin. 

I had to sit on my knees to stow the catering and to clean the chiller afterward. 

I was afraid to forget something at the bottom of the fridge because it’s really deep. 

As usual, everything is managed trough the flight attendant panel and you have control over every possible feature and equipment. 

Loved also the iPod for the on board music that was featured with at least 20 different Spotify music compilations to help you create many different type of cabin ambiance. 

In conclusion, as all the other Bombardier Private Jets, also the Global 5500 is very sophisticated and luxurious, at the same time comfortable and practical. 

I didn’t miss the cabin suite much, although is always a great pleasure when you have it available!

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