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The Private Jet Column: Bombardier Global 7500

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This Canadian Private Jet is a pretty recent project and is absolutely stunning from customer’s and crew point of view. 

Fly-by-wire fly deck.

The design of the wings is created in order to give stability during the cruise and a smooth flight performance. 

The range of this Private Jet one of the longest of the category of the heavy jets and it can easily connect New York to Hong Kong non stop.  

In the cabin, there are large windows providing more natural light and a crew suite for ultra long range flights where the crew can take their controlled rest. 

The galley is equipped with micro-wave, oven, Nespresso and a big chiller. Big enough to stow catering for 2 or 3 services. 

In the cabin, the configuration is up to 19 seats and there are different layouts available from the manufacture. 

In essence, the forward cabin stays the same, with galley, forward lavatory, crew suite with single bed. Then, 4 seats for customers with master seat and, behind it, the conference table without credenza.

Continuing towards the aft there is a tv room with credenza and a 3 seats divan. Other configurations will include a double divan, facing each other.

Next room is the master bedroom, with a fixed king size bed. Last but not least, at the top end of the cabin there’s the customer’s lavatory that may include also a shower. Behind it there is the door that gives you access to the cargo area. That area is pressurised and heated, therefore reachable during the flight. 

The night cabin set up has two single beds in the forward cabin, a double bed in the tv room, another double bed in the master bedroom and, if the configuration includes, also the seat next to the master bed becomes a single bed too. The total sleeping cabin can host up to 7 customers, disposed into 5 beds. 

The conference table

The conference table can become a six-guest dining table. When the table is open, one half is towards the left side and the other half on the right side of the cabin leaving an open passage in the middle. 

They will be connected in the centre for a bigger dining space. Notice that the mise en place must be done with customer’s already seated, because when the table is fully extended the aisle will be unaccessible. 

Whoever is seated forward facing it will remain there, and whoever is seated aft facing can’t reach the back of the cabin. 

Make sure the flight attendant will stay stuck in the correct part of the cabin!

The tv room becomes an independent room as well as the master bedroom. 

The Seats

On board of this Private Jet they have mounted a new concept of seat comfort called “Nuage”. The seat-base is ”floating” for more fluid movements 180 degrees, and the seat back is deeply reclinable. 

Seems like nothing, but the is the newest seat concept since 30 years!

The cabin interaction system is also avant-garde with the nice-touch cabin management system for individual light settlement, flight attendant call, windows shield and much more. 

 Crew-friendly, avant-garde, comfortable, elegant and equipped with everything you need. Definitely this Private Jet provides a nice flight experience for customers and crew.

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