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The Real Compensation od a VIP Flight Attendant

The private jet industry is a niche field, making it challenging to access reliable information about it.

Sometimes, the details you come across are incomplete or unrealistic, leading to confusion.

Recently, I listened to a podcast discussing the compensation of VIP flight attendants, and I noticed that some information could create misleading perceptions.

Let’s address this topic clearly to enhance your understanding of the role of a VIP flight attendant on Private Jets!

By the way, it’s essential to note that a flight attendant is distinct from cabin crew! Private jets typically have fewer than 20 seats, so a cabin crew license is not required.

Stay tuned for a new video on this subject!

#privatejetcoach #businessaviation #flightattendantlife #money #corporateindustry

#privatejetcoach #businessaviation #flightattendantlife #money #corporateindustry

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