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VVIP Flight Attendant Workshop

Your journey with Private Jet Coach

We offer our services through personalised one-to-one online sessions for soft skills, or through classrooms of up to 6 candidates for a duration of three days for hard skills.

Private Jet Coach’s face-to-face seminars are very useful: we can recreate a flight, receiving  catering and perform an  inflight service to get a realistic insight of the daily tasks.  During this training we will share experiences, review what’s not familiar and go through all the questions you might have.

If you are not new in the industry, but feel like going for a service standards recurrent training, or you are thinking about change your career and move to freelance, or you have worked in a operation where you were not responsible for catering orders and now it became one of your duty but you are not familiar with that, we offer you exactly what you need. 

Private Jet Coach’s workshop can be divided into sections, so you can pick up only the topics  you are interested to. 

Please consult our packages sections and contact us for more informations.

Our workshop for flight attendant is divided into 3 different sections that will be presented one by one each day of the seminar:

The first day of the seminar includes:

  1. Introduction to Business Aviation Industry (General Aviation specifics)
  2. Introduction to the role of a VVIP flight attendant
  3. Aviation terminology
  4. Market analysis (inclusive of after CoVid19 procedures)
  5. VIP flight attendant style and look
  6. Aircraft differentiation and standard pricing
  7. Flight attendant check list
  8. Introduction to DeliSky
  9. Flight budget
  10. Catering order and menu preparation 

The second day of the seminar includes:

  1. Aircraft virtual tour 
  2. Introduction to Safety and Emergency
  3. Service etiquette
  4. Wine and cocktail service, wine paring
  5. Plate decoration
  6. Luxury food presentation and service rules for caviar, sushi, salmon balik, foie gras, truffle.
  7. Food safety
  8. In-Flight Trouble Shooting / difficult situation on board 
  9. Post flight duties 
  10. Private jet missions

The third day of the seminar includes:

  1. Individual corporate flight attendant (what is a freelance flight attendant, how to become a freelancer, how to manage my job, how to keep my contacts, service fee of a freelance)
  2. Casual chatting and confidentiality inside and outside the workplace.
  3. Personal Branding Confidence 
  4. Corporate brand and brand ambassadors
  5. Apply as flight attendant or freelance flight attendant (résumé and cover letter preparation)
  6. Interview simulation 
  7. Market salary discussion

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