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Body Language In Lady Diana Style!

Most important statement of the day: it’s impossible not to communicate.

In between the body language there is the “non-verbal communication” that we all practise, consciously and unconsciously.

We do that by moving body parts (gesture), facial expression, posture, tone of the voice and much more. Sometimes, we use to communicate even the clothes we wear, and the make up too!

Now, when it comes to a private jet, often the space is quite confinded.

This makes the personal area, that everyone have and that shouldn’t be crossed – the “private bubble”-, a bit difficult to be respected and not invaded.

Therefore it’s quite frequent that on board a private jet we end up in crossing each other’s bubbles.

How can we mitigate this, and somehow control the body language?

Well, I can tell you how I do, inspired by Lady Diana!

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