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Chose the right attitude

In Private Aviation as well as in other fields, first impression speaks more than a thousand words, and part of it is composed by your attitude.

The way you speak, what you write on an email, the words you use, the tone of the voice in a phone call and the intonations play a huge role in recruitment. 

Being humble

Golden rule for every occasion, do not try to compete with others. 

In  particular if you want them to hire you!

If you feel you are a good professional – and I am sure you are – just try to be friendly. 

Being humble is a lovely shade of the characters and also very genuine, because there is still something in this world you don’t know yet, and that you can learn form others. 

Show that you have self confidence of course, but in a strategic way. 

Being attentive

Care about the recruiters and they will care about you. 

That doesn’t mean you should accept ghosting. 

What I mean is that you can make yourself available and trustworthy. 

Help in solving problems, provide what is necessary and be professional. 

Don’t teach others 

Talking about candidature, often during the final interview we discuss about the business.

This is because we want to see how much you know about it.

Hold the temptation to tell others what they should do, in an organisation you don’t know, with people you just met for the first time. 

This can still be reverted back to being humble, though. 

If it doesn’t work, change something

The worse thing you can do when trying to get into in Private Aviation is “sit and wait”.

If your applications doesn’t bring you the desired outcome, change something. 

Substitute few words in the cover letter, choose some image that represents you, make new pictures, change the format of the CV, record a Video Résumé. 

Be creative!

Do not accomodate, but keep on growing and evolving instead. 

It might be that your attitude wasn’t the right one, then you definitely need to change it. 

You don’t know what to change? Ask others. 

An external point of view can be revealing. 

In conclusion, there is an interesting quote I read some time ago: 

You don’t hire for skills, you hire for attitude. You can always teach skills later. 

….And this is very true!

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