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That magic word, the pillar fo the Business Aviation, that unique, mandatory skill that you have to have if you want to work in this filed. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about confidentiality. 

Confidentiality is not a general rule to follow when you are on duty. Is a  true life style. 

Often, on Private Jets you are traveling with famous people, head of states, actor and actresses, or the most powerful chairmen of the world.

Well, they have all one common request: privacy. 

It is not unusual that they required you to sign a confidentiality agreement. In this document you declare you won’t share any information about the flight, the customers, the conversations you heard during the flight or the people you might have met. 

In terms of listening, you are invisible for them and they are invisible for you. 

Furthermore, you may not share your destination with anyone, not even to your family.

This is because they might not like the fact that other people can track their movements. 

Never talk about your customer by using their full name, never chit chat about the flight nor share information with strangers. 

Usually, when in public, we refer to them as “the boss” or maybe a nickname extracted from his/her name.  

Interiors of the provate jets are usually personal as well as the aircraft registration.

If you want to post pictures of you on board or close to the Private Jet, make sure you obtain the authorisation before doing that. 

Be aware of casual chitchat 

Especially when you are off duty in the restaurant with the crew, for example. 

Customers on board Private Jet like to play a tricky game, sometimes: they can ask you who was your last customer or who you usually fly with. 

Never mention any names don’t talk about other clients, client’s Private Jets or events. 

They will appreciate as they will be reassured that you won’t talk about them with others.  

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