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Cryptocurrencies and Private Jets

In the last years we heard about the most common cryptocurrencies more and more often. 

But what are exactly them and what’s the connection with Private Jets and Cryptos?

Ladies and gents, here’s the cryptos.

Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin…. These are just a few of the currencies that had become so important in the finance world in the past 10 years. 

But what are they, exactly?

The cryptos are virtual currencies that use a decentralised system to register their transactions. 

In short, means that there are no authorities that defines the rules and regulates the operations via cryptocurrency. 

No banks are standing behind to verify the transactions, and the payments are done via a “peer-to-peer” system.

Means they exist only on a database and not physically, like any other currency. 

They are then stored in a digital wallet. 

Moreover, they are regulated via a cryptography system (so called blockchain), a sort of a book that contents, protects and secures all the transactions.

What is the connection between Cryptocurrencies and Private Jets?

Nowadays, more and more often, people use cryptocurrencies to pay for Private Jet flights. 

The record of the highest crypto-transaction was made in 2021 and costed the equivalent of more than 500 hundred thousand dollars, paid for a single transatlantic flight. 

There are several benefits for people who are paying the chartering of a Private Jet via Bitcoin or other crypto, and the number of people using them is increasing every day. 

Another interesting aspect is that there are “crypto-friendly” countries where people can spend their money. 

The first one in the Europe is Slovenia. 

In Ljubljana you can have access to many experiences and facilities which accepts payments via cryptocurrencies. 

Tips to create the best possible in-flight experience for a crypto-millionaire. 

Well, first of all, it’s important to highlight that this profile of customer is likely to be a common one on board Private Jets. 

You should expect to host fairly young crypto-expert customers, but this is not a rule. 

Definitely a dynamic, modern personality with a sharp mentality.

I know it’s a standard procedure, however I would like to point it out anyway: I recommend to make sure the wifi connection is available and working properly. 

Moreover, it would be great to make available some crypto-finance magazines on board.

They run their business through their phone, and it wouldn’t be a nice feeling to stay off-line for a few hours because anything can happen in just an eyeblink.  

A charging phone ready by the seat could also be very much appreciated. 

During my flights with such a type of customer I have noticed that they like expensive things (food, champagne, cachemire…) not for the pleasure of spending money, but because they want the best. 

And often, the best is also the most expensive. 

Last but not least, because they can work from everywhere, they do not necessarily travel for business purposes only.

Therefore, I noticed that the atmosphere in the cabin is usually much more relaxed.

Well, unless there is a fluctuation of the market!

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