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Do You Need A Cabin Crew Licence To Work On A Private Jet?

The one-million-dollar question that often confuses the people aspiring to pursue a career on the corporate industry.

The answer is “No, but” and in this video also explains what are the differences regarding this specific element between America and Europe, the two main business area for private aviation.

The most usual career backgrounds of VIP flight attendants are cabin crew in the airplane in first or business class cabin, butler in a private residence, guest hospitality manager in a five-star resort, waitress/sommelier/responsible of customer experience in a starred restaurant, private yacht crew, personal assistant. As you can see, the backgrounds are different and not necessarily involves aviation.

However, they will ALWAYS involve hospitality and luxury.

In conclusion, to hold a cabin crew licence or attestation is certainly beneficial, but not mandatory.

Do not worry! If required you can get a cabin crew licence fairly easily.

Certainly it is very helpful to be familiar with aviation and its peculiarities.

Remember that humans are not build to fly, and an aircraft deserve respect and to be able to spot any potential danger well in advance, before it becomes a bigger problem.

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