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Emergency Equipment on a Private Jet

What is the difference between a private jet and an airplane when it comes to emergency equipment?

The good news is that you have exactly the same types of emergency equipment, probably just a bit less in terms of quantity.

Often, the location where they are stowed is similar between private jets and airliners.

You operate them in the same way, and we go through specific training on how to operate them, just like an airline crew. 

The two situations where the emergency equipment may appear different is the raft (or escape slide, not slide-raft) for evacuation in water and the administration of therapeutic oxygen during a medical emergency. 

Because of the rules related to the height of the aircraft doorstep from the ground, it can happen that a jet doesn’t carry on board automatically deployed slide rafts.

Therefore, in case of an emergency landing in water, you have to manually retrive and operate the raft, which is located near the exit. 

The therapeutic oxygen may not be present in the form of a portable oxygen bottle, but just a small fixed outlet within the cabin instead. You may have at least two of them available, with an oxygen mask in the proximity. 

Rest assured that a private jet is operated to the same standards as commercial airliner. We do not leave anything behind when it comes to safety!

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