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FAQ: how do you familiarise with a new jet?

The Private Jet familiarisation for a VIP flight attendant in Business Aviation is something that requires a lot of flexibility and sense of adaptation. 

Freelancers are the most adaptable in this term, because, potentially, they fly on a different jet every time. 

You are a flight attendant, not a cabin crew. 

Therefore, often there isn’t a specific training about the aircraft, done in a training center like they do for the airlines. 

You will receive a training at the training facility about fire fighting, dangerous good, crew resource management, first aid, cpr, etc… but not specific aircraft type courses.

On board the jet, you will receive a familiarisation training done by the pilots and/or another flight attendant. 

So the familiarisation of the jet is more something…. In-house. 

Familiarisation flights

Whenever is possible (and about this matter, usually they make it happen), the first couple of flights are done with two flight attendants.

This is to give to the new one the time to look around and ask questions to the other one. 

The familiarisation is usually kinda short: only once I have seen a plan that included a 15 familiarisation/training sectors.

You need to be adaptable and quickly memorise where things are, how things works, features of the jet, seats, amenities, etc…

The common sense comes to help.

Yes, all the jet are pretty much the same. 

In the galley, the upper drawer will always contains cutlery, because you need them the most. 

The bottom drawer will always contain plates, because they are heavy. 

The glass rank will always be behind a shutter or a sliding door to protect the glasses.  

If the cupboard has a predisposition for a seal (a little hole in the handle where you can fit the plastic seal), then it will always contain alcohol. 

In the cabin, the seats will always move in the same way. 

They might be electric or mechanic, but the motion is that one. 

The hoover will always be in the cargo, while the bed sheets in the wardrobe or credenza.

One jet can be better organised than another one, but the concept is common. 

In conclusion, don’t be afraid if you are asked to jump on a jet but you have never seen one before or you are to familiar with that specific one. 

Go, embrace the challenge: it will be easier than you think!

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