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FAQ: what’s the biggest threat of your job stability?

Very interesting question that deserves a deep insight of the Business Aviation world. 

We all learn that stability is not something which is part of this world – Covid 19 pandemic taught us how your world can change in just a finger snap. 

The Corporate World is by nature a very dynamic metier, where the certainty can disappear in less than no time. 

What exactly are the threats to my job stability?

For both VIP flight attendants and VIP pilots.

Let’s say your boss decides all of a sudden to sell the jet. 

The jet market is a pretty fast one, and usually it doesn’t take too long to sell a jet. 

Moreover, it doesn’t really matter what type of contract you have: no jet, no party. 

Or, let’s say, your boss can’t afford the cost of the jet anymore because he/she has financial issues.

He will probably try to cut the extra costs. 

Keep in mind that flying on a private jet is not really a recommendation given by the doctor, you know….

Another scenario: you are asked to leave because of some issues – not necessarily depending on you – with the boss or the family members.

One more? 

It can happen that the Private Jet Operator you work for shuts down the operations at night time. 

How can you protect yourself?

As the 2020 tough us, there is no protection for such a things.

The best thing you can do is to be aware of what’s going on around you at all times.  

Be flexible. Be like water.

Water adjust to the shape of its container.

I know: water doesn’t have to put food on the table for its family nor paying the bills!

But if you act like water, you can more easily land on your feet after a difficult time. 

What I mean is that by keeping your mind open and embrace the challenges of the industry, you will also learn how to find or even create new opportunities for yourself.

An aircraft sold, or a sudden rejection is not a drama, after all.

It can take you to your next level, if you are open enough towards it.

Nobody is saying it’s easy…. but it worth it.

Some advices.

Take into consideration the idea to freelance for a while.

In the meantime you hunt for your next employment. 

More important than anything, never burn bridges behind you. 

Business Aviation is a little segment of the Aviation, and in this industry we know each other all. 

Connections are the most important thing, and you neve know!

In a few months time the boss who sold the jet you were flying might call you back on his/her brand new, shining aircraft. 

Opportunities are given and taken away from you in an eye blink.

Contrary to Commercial Aviation, in the Corporate world you must be mature enough to play the game.

Keep your mind open to the uncertainty of this business and your eyes wide open.

The spoiled Diva (Business Aviation) knows how to treat you bad and then ask you for forgiveness!

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