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Hotel Accomodation for Private Jet Crew

After a day of work the crew has to take a rest period.

The length of the rest period is specifically stated in the Operations Manuals of the company, as well the characteristics of the accommodation.

For example, the manual says that the accommodation has to be equipped with a double bed, one room for each crew member.

There must be facilities such as restaurants, the room must have a proper ventilation (window), air conditioning and curtains to regulate temperature and brightness.

Sometimes the company takes care of booking of the hotel accommodation.

However, more often than not, the crew themselves decides which hotel they are going to stay.

In this case, we know that we must respect a budget (for example 250€ per night per room) and a limit in terms of distance (no more than 30 mins travelling time from the airport).

Within these confines, we can basically pick what we want.

The hotel room is an expense covered by the company, and normally the price includes breakfast in the morning.

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