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How to be a good crew member from Employer’s point of view

We spoke about pilots and flight attendant…. But what about the Private Jet Operators, the Employer?

I took some time to make a research and find out what they really want from every crew member. 


Set high goals for yourself and let your employer know which they are. It’s nice to see people who has the drive to evolve and they don’t simply work-eat-sleep-repeat. Whatever you have in your mind, what you want to achieve, speak it out. 


Clear communication. Efficient communication. No-doubt communication. When it comes to a job offer, for instance, Employers expect your yes means yes for a long term. 

Not just “I’ll give it a try and in case I don’t like the operations, I give my notice period”.

Work ethic:

When on a Private Jet, reflect on what’s the correct thing to do, and act accordingly. Respect others, respect your job and the professionals next to you. Do what you think is the best according to the situation and never try to hide a mistake. They will get to know before you can even imagine!


Always given for granted, is still very popular!

If you start every phone call and email with “Hi! How are you today? How can I assist?” you’ll be already 70% done. 

Constructive feedbacks:

This is valid especially for Private Jet Operator’s start-ups. Tell your experience about that hotel, that FBO, that airline for positioning. Only constructive feedbacks, based on mature arguments. 


Our job is in constant demand of flexibility. Business Aviation is a demanding, metier and we all know.

Safety and security are not under discussion. 

Talking about time, we all have a private life, and you are not asked to sacrifice it. 

Therefore, if you are pulled out on your days off: say yes if you know you can do it, say no if you know you can’t. 

Read your contract:

Take the time to go trough the document before signing it and ask to change or negotiate what is not good for you. Better to do this at the beginning of the work relationship for a heathy and clear future interrelation.  

What are your experiences as Employer or Crew?

What do you like to see in your fellow colleagues?

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