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Look after your network.

You have probably heard this millions of times:  

In Private Aviation network is vital!

Old but gold, and terribly true.

As a VIP flight attendant on Private Jets, you are request to deal with this “extra task”, which is networking. 

What exactly means “networking”?

This job is a profession for mature people. 

It’s not just about go to the airport, fly your sector and then relax at the hotel. 

There’s a lot behind it, that require your attention and a constant seeding. 

Networking means to create relationship with people of your own industry. 

Connection, contact, in the sense of a group of people who can support one another. 

You need to find those people, get their contacts and create a constant communication with them. 

This will be helpful for your job, for future opportunities, to create your professional image and contributes also in creating your personal branding confidence. 

How to build a good network?

Network sits on a solid base, and this is made by good habits. 

Rome wasn’t build in a day, as well as your network. 

It’s incredibly wrong to think that you need to put 100% effort in one shot on something and then expect to harvest the day after. 

Networking is like any other life-changing event: it is based on small but constant actions. 

100% in one day is not possible: too big, too much, too unstable. 

But a small 1%, made every day for 100 days makes a beautiful, long lasting and solid 100% ! 

How do I do… in practice?

Start with small steps. 

First one is to make up with your LinkedIn profile. 

Dedicate some time to build it up nicely and attractive and keep it up-to-date. 

This social network is an incredibly powerful resource for opportunities!

Second step is to connect with professionals of the industry and seek for advice, or just a chit chat. 

Open your ears, observe, ask question and be humble. 

All of us are constantly learning!

Third step: research, research and research some more!

Chose to follow people and pages of the industry you would like to be part of. 

Make a good habit of scrolling your Linkedin wall every day. 

Habits are actions that require little amount of energy and time. 

To begin with, do not make your surfing on the social network longer than two minutes. 

Give yourself time to become so familiar with this new procedure, until it almost doesn’t require your energy. 

Then, start to comment and participate. 

After that, contact people and start a conversation with them. 

Be trustworthy and keep your word. 

Remember that Private Aviation is a small world and you will be named after the professional image you build around yourself. 

How long does it take to create a good network?

This is a lifetime duty, actually!

You never stop doing that, in particular after this becomes a habit!

For example, I do visit LinkedIn on a daily basis. 

Usually, in the morning while I am having breakfast and sipping my Kukitcha tea.

According to my experience, I can say that in Europe it can take up to three years to build up a professional image and create a solid base of network. 

But, as I mentioned, this is only the beginning.

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