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Multi crew VS Single Flight Attendant

Private Jets are different in model and size, and one of the biggest characteristics is whether you fly alone or in a multi crew environment.

The most common multi crew types are from Airbus and Boeing.

In the business aviation slang they are BBJ (Boeing Business Jet) and ACJ (Airbus Corporate Jet).

Due to their size and complexity, they are definitely flown in a multi crew operation, usually between 2 and 4 flight attendants in the cabin.

However, in Europe and America, the single flight attendant experience is the most desired from the Private Jet Operators, because the majority of the aircraft require only one crew member in the cabin.

ACJ’s and BBJ’s are more common in the Middle Eastern and African operations.

The work style in a multi crew environment is quite different.

The biggest challenge of flying alone is probably the fact that you do not have a back up and can only count on yourself for trouble shooting, solution finding, organisation and workload management.

The bright side is that you are in charge of the entire flight and can decide how to conduct the flight experience in your own way.

This is the ultimate exposure to freedom in terms of customising the service and cabin, where you are solely responsible for everything, but you also receive all of the compliments and appreciation!

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