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Private Jet Menu Planning

When it comes to catering…. there is an entire universe behind!

VIP flight attendants are like the host of a mansion, where everything is taken care of, everything is working, and everybody have food and drinks to restore themselves with.

So, how do you plan a menu for a private jet?

What are the informations you need, and what do you base your decision on?

I know, it might sound complicated, but believe me it’s not!

It’s actually one of the most fun part of the job, where your creativity can take over and you can surprise your cabin with a real “wow!” effect.

It also might look like it takes forever to complete this task.

The longest part is probably the one where you have to restrive the information.

Then, it’s piece of cake that can be done in one hour!

As for anything else in life, practice brings you closer to perfection 😉

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