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Résumé and Cover Letter Preparation

It’s all in the words.

We often come across some fellow colleagues from scheduled airline, who ask us questions about the business aviation and wants to get information on how to go through and become part of it. 

Martina has been a pilot recruiter for 2 major companies in the corporate aviation world, she ran interviews herself and also assisted the chief pilots during pilot simulators which were part of the interview process. 

Choosing a candidate for corporate aviation is not only about the flight experience he gained, but it is more about the character and the personal touch shown by the applicant. 

Having seen thousand of CVs, Martina made her own rules on what is necessary to write and how to highlight the important parts of the résumé, make it appealing and able to generate the interest of the recruiter to dig more into your profile. 

It’s all in the words.

Choosing the right words to make every working experience look like a milestone of your career will contribute to show your personality and give an insight of how you become the person you are today.

Clear. Easy to read. Elegant. Immaculate.

At the same time it must show a little bit of your identity trough layout, colours and pictures.

Every CV should be personalised for the operator and the role you want to apply for. The cover letter should be a very brief insight of the experience, detailed enough to generate the need to know more about you. 

All that might sound very difficult, but Private Jet Coach can give you the tools to make it easy,  efficient and professional. 

Who can assist you in this matter better than a recruiter?

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