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Silver Service on a Private Jet: Caviar Etiquette

How fortunate are you to be tasked with arranging caviar for your upcoming flight!

Caviar service is a simple yet luxurious addition to private jet catering.

It requires minimal preparation, no cooking, and the option to order or personally select garnishes.

The choice of garnishes should align with your customer’s preferences; if in doubt, stick to classic and traditional options.

Don’t forget to get some blinis! These Russian pancakes are commonly available in supermarkets, often in the cheese section (I found mine at Tesco, close to the fish department).

For the perfect caviar pairing, opt for champagne.

The bubbles in the champagne can beautifully complement the rich and creamy flavor of the caviar on the palate.

Bon Appétit!

Ps: Prepare for your upcoming interview by watching this video! In the corporate world, recruiters might evaluate your abilities by inquiring about luxury food and proper serving techniques 🤫

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