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Silver Service On A Private Jet: White Glove and Carrying Plates Techniques

No matter the place you are, if you are dealing with customers you work in the Hospitality Industry.

The Hospitality Service we deliver on a private jet is called “Silver Service”.

Silver Service is a complex and very detailed type of customer care, and on this video we go through some of the dynamics that happen on a private jet during meal service.

Keep in mind that, on board a private jet, we deliver a five-star type of service, adapted to the small, confined and unpredictable environment of the cabin of a jet.

Two things are important!

1. Hold onto an open dialogue with your customer, verbally and also with non verbal communication (body language). Talk to them, in a relaxed and confident way.

2. The second thing is that all the people seated at the same table should eat at the same time.

So, it would be convenient if you could get familiar with the techniques of carrying two plates on one arm at the same time, and here I show you my way.

Keep shining! You are doing a great job!

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