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The convenience of the second passport

Very often, the Pilots and Flight Attendant of the Business Aviation will be required to provide a second passport.

The document can be of the same nationality (the native one) or the second citizenship, if applicable. 

To have a second passport have multiple benefits. 

To enter into Countries that are in political conflict with each other.

You can use one document to get the stamp visa for entering into a Country.

Consecutively, use the other one to enter into another Nation where you would have been rejected, if they would have seen the stamp of the first State. 

This was the case between Israel and United Arab Emirates, for instance. 

Likely, nowadays there is a free traveling policy between these two Countries. 

To continue working while you are getting a visa.

Russian Visa, American Visa, Chinese Visa and Indian Visa are pretty important for our job.

To have them or not can determine you to conquer a job opportunity or lose it.

In order to get a multiple entrances visa, you need to apply for it to the related Embassy. 

If you go for the non- urgent procedure, they need to take your passport away for 7 or 10 days in order to process the visa request, print it and apply between the pages of your passport. 

This amount of time is not compatible with your rotation, and here comes the benefit of your second travel document.

In the meantime, you can continue flying with your second passport.

The second passport doesn’t have to have a different citizenship. 

Although in many Countries to have a second passport with the same nationality is forbidden by the law, there are some exceptions.

Likely, our job falls into them. 

The Embassy or the National Authority has the right to verify the real necessity of the second passport.

They will process your request through the documentation you provided in support of your application (letter from the company).

In some cases, the jurisdiction can decide to reduce the territorial validity of one of the two documents.

In conclusion, check with the authorities of your Home Country if you are eligible to apply for a second passport and the restrictions that eventually come with that. 

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