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The jet column: Embraer Legacy 500

This brand new project from the Brazilian manufacture is the latest stage of technology. It’s a super mid size jet with a flight range of 5.788 km. 

Customers are amused and proud (to say the least) about its performances and pilots are very happy of the fly-by-wire cockpit. 

The cabin 

The configuration of this Business Jet is 9 seats. The divan hosts 3 customers but the central seat is exactly by the emergency window. So, in fact, the configuration is 8 seats because the central seat of the divan cannot be used for take off and landing. 

The cabin has 4 seats facing each other in the forward portion, followed by the divan (right behind the master seat) and another two seats opposite the divan. 

No conference table and no credenza. 

The good news is that it takes very little time to clean this cabin!

Cabin height is high enough to be comfortable for an adult to stand. 

There’s one lavatory at the very aft of the cabin, but be aware that there’s no cargo access from the inside of the jet. 

There’s a big wardrobe instead, located inside the bathroom. Very convenient for a small restock box, vacuum cleaner and coat hanger. 

The hold is accessible only on ground and there’s a built-in ladder to climb and get inside. Pretty spacious though!

The galley is small, but not dramatically. There are two retractable tables that expand the working area. 

There’s only one small microwave (standard size main course dish doesn’t fit), no chiller and a tiny bar drawer. 

There isn’t a real jump-seat for the flight attendant. If present, he/she will seat in the cabin together with the customers. I really like this option because you get the chance to interact more with the customers and, sometimes, with a good speech you can do a great service recovery. 

Special features

The water tank refill system is from the inside of the Private Jet only. The aircraft is equipped with a sort of expandable bucket that the crew has to deliver to the ground personnel and ask them to fill it up with tap water. To top up the galley and the lavatory tank, you have to connect a fennel to the built-in outlet and then empty the bucket. It takes 1.5 buckets for the galley and 1.5 buckets for the lavatory. Not the most comfortable procedure ever, but a good way to save money for the water service (£ 50 in London Farnborough). 

As a distinctive sign of the manufacture, the infant oxygen mask is not present above each seat. Make sure you are aware of their location and organise the cabin sittings accordingly. 

Another aspect where you have to pay attention on is that the “seat belt” and “non smoking sign” doesn’t make any sound when activated. If you use those chimes to organise your work in the cabin and get to know when, for example, is the top of descent, be aware that you have to give a look instead of keeping your ears open. 

In conclusion, the cabin is very comfortable from the customer point of view. Intimate and luxurious. The galley is missing some items (such as the oven) but you can override this problem by ordering the right type of catering and make up with the microwave. It’s a challenge that will push your flexibility and creativity beyond their limits. A great advantage for you to evolve and learn something new. 

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