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The journey of a Private Jet Customer

There are people who owns the Private Jet. There is somebody else who owns a share or some others who just charter the airplane when they need to fly.

When a mission becomes official for the jet and the crew, there’s a big machine that starts to run. 

Fast forward to: mission (flight) confirmed

It doesn’t really matter wether if you own a jet or you simply booked a flight. The sequence of actions is the same. 

The operation department of the Private Jet Operator start to request all the permission for the flight and gain all the releases for the customers, the crew and the jet. 

All the legal aspects of the mission are covered as first. This include, for example, mandatory covid test and covid form.

If a covid test becomes necessary, this information will be submitted to the customer as soon as possible.

In this way they can find a clinic where to take the test, usually not earlier than 72 h before departure. 

Recently, some organisation has arranged themselves with rapid covid test to conduct on board the Private Jet to customers and crew right before departure. 

This way you will have the most recent results to show to the authorities and they are completely legal. 

At the day of the flight

The crew arrives on board around two hours before departure and set up everything for the take off.

Pilots prepare the flight deck and get all the service done, while the flight attendant receive the catering and prepare the cabin for welcoming.

Thirty minutes before scheduled take off time the Captain goes to the terminal and awaits for the customers. 

Customers arrival to the VIP terminal

The guests will arrive twenty minutes before take off at the terminal from land side (car, taxi or limousine). The captain welcomes them and immediately take their luggage away.

Some Private Jet Operators also offer a home-to-jet service, where the customer can board a private car with driver who picks them up from their home to the airport. 

With the support of the FBO, the luggage arrive on board before the customers.

In the meantime, the group will pass trough the security check and passport control. 

Once everybody is done, they walk on the apron and reach the jet. They board the airplane and the flight attendant takes care of them while pilots close the door and turn on the engines. 

If the customers are coming from the air side (another private jet, a helicopter, an airline flight…..) then the pilots, the FBO agent and the other transportation involved will collaborate together. The goal is to make a smooth, fast and efficient transition of the customers and luggage onto the Private Jet. 

Ideally, the transition of customers trough the VIP terminal is quick and doesn’t include any stop, queue or long waits. 

However, the FBO do provide access to a luxury lounge for customers and crew if some of the guests are late, if there’s a slot or a technical issue to sort out before departure. 

In conclusion, one of the reason why Private Jets are so popular is because all the normal processes that you would normally go trough in an airport are made much faster. 

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