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The Pawcktail

You can surprise a billionaire who fly regularly on a private jet in many different ways…. but, often is the easiest of the thing that impress them.

And today I’d like to introduce to you one of them, The Pawcktail!

The pawcktail is a cocktail made for dogs.

It was presented as welcoming drink on a private jet to a lady, who was a returning customer with her pet.

This is how my dear friend decided to do: by offering some chicken both on a cocktail glass, he elevated the 4-legged travel companion from a “pet” status to a “customer” status!

You can order all of the ingredient for the pawcktail via the catering, or preparing them yourself if you have time and equipment.

You know when you really want to surprise your customers, and you find the most simple, yet effective way to conquer their heart?

100% score to the pawcktail!

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