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Training on Catering orders

The things that the customers will remember more vividly than anything else when flying private are the service and the food. 

Managing the catering is probably one of the most important aspects of the job of a VIP Flight Attendant. 

What can we do then, to organise an exceptional in flight experience?

Of course the first thing is to choose appropriate catering suppliers or restaurants and prepare a detailed catering order. 

The catering order is one of the responsibility of the Flight Attendant, and only some exceptions in Europe of few Private Jet Operators have a dedicated department for this task.

In this case, the flight attendant receives the catering order the day before via email and she is not directly involved in the decision making process. 

Although the catering order is something we need to do on a daily basis, this sometimes is still a sort of obstacle. 

That’s why I have decided to introduce the catering order training on Private Jet Coach courses. 

I propose some scenarios with different conditions to explore how the daily routine looks like. 

Through this exercise, the trainee can explore the VIP world, understand how to deal with all the circumstances, different cultures and last minutes issues. 

This is  accompanied by the menu preparation: menu wording, layout, length, font, size, color, personalisation. In one word: VIP. 

And you might think it’s easy and don’t require much attention, and this is exactly the worse thing you could do. 

Everything in VIP operations require your attention. 

I find the exercises of catering order and menu preparation a useful tool that enhance confidence with this important aspect, it teaches you how to cater in a budget, the extra costs that can be avoided and much more. 

Private Jet Operators can also find convenience, because the Flight Attendants or the freelancers that they will eventually hire will have the knowledge and the tools to be independent from day 1.  

Chase perfection throughout training: it might seem the long path but is  in fact the safest and the most efficient!

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