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It’s really depressing sometimes to realise how much things have changed since Covid. 

The world hasn’t  finish yet to calculate the entity of the economical crisis, and we are getting towards a new flu-season where all of us is concerned if it’s going to be a real flu or…. Something else?

In the meantime, in Europe a lot of people have spent their holidays and there are new cases of contagion here and there. 

The Countries all over Europe are intensifying the restrictions again, internally and also towards the neighbour Countries.  The former 14 days of quarantine rule is back in place between specific Nations. And the list is changing on a daily basis.

More restrictive rules, are applied with none or little notice. 

It happened to me recently that I arrived into the airport of commercial airline, ready to check in form my positioning flight and I was wearing a fabric face mask. The lady at the counter told me that, since the night before, there’s a new rule in place: to get inside any of the airports in the Italian territory you need to wear a disposable surgical mask. No fabric, no fancy material, just a simple mask. 

I have been explained that, if you don’t have it, you might not being accepted on board. 

I search around everywhere in the building but there wasn’t any left for selling. Sold out everywhere.

So I came back to the counter and I explained. They finally gave me one and they accepted me for my flight. 

You also have to take into consideration that queue at security checks are longer than before, lack of personnel, social distance of 1 or 2 meters, (which makes the queue longer), Covid 19 declaration forms to be competed before departure, on board and/or at arrival. 

To cut the sort short: travelling nowadays is more difficult and takes much longer than before! 

I see now even clearer than before why people chose to fly Private Jets instead. No queue, no wait, report for the flight 30 to 20 minutes before take off, fast track for security and passport controls, assistance for the form completion, excellent food quality, and, most important than anything else: you have the whole jet for yourself!

In a world where travelling has become very difficult and tiring, Private Jets are chosen more and more to overcome the necessity to move from place to place. The demand has increased and new flyers are easily getting addicted to the new travelling experience. 

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