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Video Résumé

The video presentation is an old practice that, for some reasons, never really took place in Private Aviation…..until now. 

Recently, the use of videos are highly requested in Business Aviation, and is easy to see the advantage, for both recruiters as well as candidates.

This really is a great opportunity and you have to make sure you make it work for you. Let me explain why. 

Through a video presentation you can:

  1. Have the chance to introduce yourself without being interrupted. You simply talk, and because there’s no interaction, you can say it all the way until the end.
  2. Chose the best words to get the best possible effect.
  3. Prove your language and communication capabilities.
  4. Highlight and four the attention to the part of your CV that are more important.
  5. Get more attention and in an easier way. It’s very difficult to write a CV that can catch notice because it works only with the sense of sight.
  6. You have control. Either you are recording a video in support of your CV, or a CV made in a video, you have full control of your audience. The secret is: chose your words thoughtfully. 

In practical

There are few suggestion that I would like to share with you regarding the practical side of the video making.

  1. Keep an horizontal framing
  2. Speak slow and clear
  3. Speak in English
  4. If confident, add a second -short- video or a couple of sentences in another language to prove your skills.
  5. Adjust a strong light and place it right in front of your face, behind the camera.
  6. Keep it around 2 minutes. For two reasons. First, the size of the file will be small enough to be easily sent via email, and second because you have to make sure to keep the full attention of you audience at all time. 
  7. Use dedicated apps to edit it and make it look professional
  8. For an easy editing, start talking a couple of seconds after you pressed “play”. Consequently, press “stop” a couple of seconds after you stopped talking. 
  9. Strong make up and face clear from hair for ladies
  10. Business attire 
  11. Professional background 
  12. Keep “hand talking” to minimum
  13. Place the camera close enough to see also your shoulders
  14. Write your speech first and memorise it
  15. Try to record few sentences only (15 seconds) and check the video to see the framing, light, volume, speed, background, etc….. When everything is set, record the whole speech.
  16. You shouldn’t be reading 
  17. Look at the camera at all times.

In conclusion, this is a very powerful tool you can use to present yourself, and the words you chose, as always, are very important. Dedicate time to write your speech, and be yourself when you record it for your new job in Private Aviation. Your personality will shine bright!

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