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VIP Flight Attendants: The Experts In Finding Solutions!

Whether you are familiar with solution finding or not, the job of a VIP Flight Attendant will teach you how to develop a high creativity in this skill! 😎

Many operations are run in a single flight attendant operation, this means you are alone in the cabin.

The crew is composed by 3 members: two pilots and one flight attendant. 👨‍✈️ 👩‍✈️ 💃

What do you do when your oven doesn’t work, you run out of clean laundry, you forgot the ice cubes, the wine is spoiled, you have no chiller on board or whatever other drama?

Well, it would take forever to answer all these questions!

Let’s start with this drama: the catering is stuck in traffic and won’t deliver your order on time for departure.

Check this video and let me know what would you have done!

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