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What does cleanliness mean to you?

Keeping the same path of my previous article about the luxury, (find it here: today I would like to talk about cleanliness. 

This is another important aspect very present in Business Aviation and in particular on Private Jets, and that is connected to luxury.

What do you think cleanliness is? 

This is another one of my favourite question during interviews!

Let me start again by mentioning what neatness is for me. 

It’s a feeling that involves most of senses.  

I can see it, smell it, touch it.

Each one of us has a different “level” of cleanness. 

No need to mention that on private jets the hygiene and the spotlessness is at the maximum level possible. 

What does the feeling of cleanliness means to you?

On me it creates a sense of organisation, safety, comfort and relax. 

Undoubtedly, I feel good when I can feel I am in an immaculate environment. 

I am free touch around, and that there are no secrets nor hidden tricks. 

I feel that I can lower my protections because nothing can hurt me. 

Moreover, it lights up my curiosity. 

To discover how soft that cachemire blanket on the divan is,  how it feels to wrap it around me.

How smooth is the radica of the credenza, how soft are the leather seats. 

I don’t feel like touching around and I absolutely don’t want to wrap myself in a fabric, if I don’t have a strong cleanliness feeling!

In fact, if it’s not present, I tend to close my self up and try to minimise the part of my body in touch with any surface of the environment where I am. 

Play with the scents

When I say I can smell clean, I am not referring to the smell of the bleach!

That is clean, yes, but is not very pleasant. 

The smell of clean for me is the scent of fresh air, citus, fresh flowers, fresh laundry. 

This is the reason why I really insist on putting fresh flowers in the lavatory of a Private Jet!

Because they contribute to the feeling of cleanliness. 

If the lavatory was unhealthy, could a fresh rose or orchid survive over there?

As per the luxury concept, also with the neatness I work in such a way that helps me to meet the most hidden instinct of the human being. 

The need to feel comfortable, safe and taken care of. 

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