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Aviation after CovID19

Private Jet Take-off

Welcome to your new normality.

What will happen after lock down? How is the human race going to face this new era? Will we be travelling again?

Every one of us have asked themselves those questions. The answer is: nobody knows. 

Since many generation, we have no memory or alive proof of a recent pandemic, excluding the Spanish flu which infected the planet from October to December 1918 where the disease had been spreading around with major consequences also due to the fact that, at that time, the world was engaged into WWI. 

Aviation has been one of the first sectors of the economy to be severely hit by this virus and the crisis it’s coming with. Tourism and travels have been prohibited, or, if not possible, reduced to minimum. As per July 2020, the sky is slowly opening up and trying to go back to what is was before…. Or the closest possible.

Still, there is some work that needs to be done. When it comes to virus management and safety measures, countries are on different timing between each other. This brings everything to open up much slower. 

The social distances measure can have a potential huge impact on the schedule airlines’ business as they focus on a full load to be able to keep a competitive ticket price, and still make some revenue. The preconditions for Commercial Airlines to start flying again were to fly with a reduction between 1/3 and half of the capacity. This was going to force the companies to increase the ticket price to make at least a break even, in order not to go towards a bankrupt because of the reduction of the payload. This would have made flying much more expensive than before, and from this point of view, we were going to be back to the ’80, where flying was luxury. Now, the reality is that in Europe the Scheduled Airline are flying full load with the obligation to wear a mask and change it every 4 hours. But yet, prices are increasing compare to before Covid. This is due to all the costs of the measures of sanitation and extra cleaning required nowadays.

At the same time, people are concern of finding themselves into a commercial aircraft with other 100 people and we are witnessing a real increase of requests for private jets. Families and friends congregate all together ito groups and they effort the cost of the chartered jet jointly. Less expensive, with all the comfort. Imagine you charter a jet for 10.000€, and there are the 10 of you on board. This would bring the brice down to 1.000€ per person. Not too bad to fly on a private jet!

So, while the schedule airline is having a really hard time (several company across the planet already closed their offices, many others are doing mass contract terminations, or are blocking the orders of the aircraft delivery that was planned), the business aviation seems to have an increase of the demand of private jets from customers who never even think about flying private before. 

But is not like the Covid 19 didn’t have an impact on Business Aviation : to welcome all the requests is not that easy, due to the continuous changes in procedures between countries, new measures, new quarantine policies here or total lock down there.  Where you used to work 2 hours to take the request, find the aircraft, prepare the quotation and sell the flight now it can take also 24 to 36 hours. Additional care and attention is required and there are much more paperwork to fill up in oder to be legal. 

For many decades flying private was considered for few only. Now think about having a private jet entirely for yourself and your family. Doesn’t sound much more appealing? And with the increase of the prices of a seat on a crowded aircraft in couch, this is quickly becoming the reality. 

At Private Jet Coach we like to keep ourself up-to-date with the latest news of the aviation field, and we are ready to bias for action when required.

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