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Base And Gateway In Corporate Aviation

Many people think that they will be asked to relocate somewhere when they start a job in the Corporate Industry. 

Well, this is not always true, it actually happens quite seldomly!

In this industry, we have the base and we have the gateway. 

The base is the place where the jet is “resident” and is chosen according to many different reasons. 

The gateway is the closest international airport to the crew members residential address. 

Crew members choose their assigned gateway from a list. 

This list has been previously selected by the company according to certain requirements. 

The crew member will start and finish their duty from the chosen gateway. 

Remember, if the owner of the jet wants you to relocate somewhere, during your days off you can still do whatever you please!

It’s also worth mentioning that, according to the european standard roster system in business aviation, the days off are normally 10, 13 or even 15 all in a row. 

It requires a bit of organisation, but it’s not too bad, once you settle in!

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