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Catering for Crew Meals on a Private Jet

When should crew meals be ordered, and who is responsible for them? What should be ordered?

These questions often lead to confusion, so let’s clear things up!

Who is in charge of ordering crew meals? In organizations with a catering department handling food orders, they will manage the crew meals on behalf of the flight attendant. In all the other scenarios, it is a flight attendant’s duty to order crew meals as well as catering for the flight.
If you are in doubt, always refer to your Flight Attendant Manager or your Captain for advice.

Each occupant on the jet should have access to food every six hours, but using common sense is key. For longer flights (over 3 hours), extended duty hours, or when food availability is uncertain upon arrival, ordering crew meals for yourself and the flight crew is advisable.

I usually inquire about their preferences and dietary requirements, then order crew meal trays from the caterer or include extra portions from the customer’s catering. Alternatively, meals can be arranged to-go from the hotel or a supermarket.

Customer service takes precedence, followed by attending to the flight crew once customers are settled.

While working on a private jet, meal times may vary, but rest assured, starvation is not a concern!

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