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Cleanliness and hygiene on a private jet

Did you ever feel like you needed to wash your hands immediately after disembarking an aircraft?  

Like….immediately. Feeling the urgency to find a toilet, soap and water to wash your hands. 

I never went to bed after a flight without having a shower first. No matter how tired I was. 

Customers on Private Jets spend a different amount of money for one flight, and obviously their expectations are higher.

The dirtiness on Commercial aircraft is visible, and you always have the feeling to touch, seat, smell, breath in a not cleaned environment although they are cleaned several times a day! 

On private jets I never felt this sensation. The first time I stepped on board, everything was so cleaned, spotless, immaculate and disinfected.

Well, the amount of time we spend cleaning is enormous. And the attention to details we give in cleaning is even bigger. 

Every seat, lever, window, handle, table, surface, switch, screen, control, sat phone, everything has been polished and disinfected prior customers arrival.

We consume a lot of detergents, energy and cleaning products to polish the leather, clean the carpet, brush the alcantara, wipe the radica. 

Vertical and horizontal surfaces are checked, a special attention is dedicated to the areas where customers eat, the lavatory and, obviously, the galley because is where we store and process food. 

We sanitise the waste bin every time we change the waste bag, we decalcify the kettle once a month, we keep the expiration dates recorded to make sure we don’t serve spoiled food items. 

This is part of our job, and, personally, I like it! Cleaning and make things back tidy as they were before gives me a lot of satisfaction. 

There are some people who has a real passion for cleaning and they can develop this skill on Private Jets because cleaning on board is never enough. 

I usually start my dirty-free-phase from aft to forward, to make sure that everything that is behind me is spotless and cleaned. 

I love to seat on the master seat and take my time to look around and see things from the customer’s point of view. And, no, not any customer in general, but one in particular: the lead guest. 

I check for fingerprints, coffee drops on the seats armrests, crumbles on the floor, black signs on the leg rest, lines on the alcantara, smell in the cabin, stains on the seatbelts, uneven magazines display, not equilibrate items that gives the impression of untidiness.

One of the very first Flight Attnedant I flew with had a very great skills for rolling blankets and hand towels. Everything she touched was looking great and tidy, in one word: perfect. 

Another one had the skill to be able to spot crumbles on the floor even between the seats or under the cushions. Without moving them, of course!

We can spend even three hours to re-assemble a cabin after a crowded flight!

This is part of our jobs, because we like to deliver the best VIP flight experience, starting from a clean environment where we can welcome our customers. 

What are your cleaning obsession? 

What really annoys you the you fly Commercial?

What do you think is good to do to make cleanliness on Private Jets even more immaculate?

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