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Customer’s fidelity programs on Private Jets

When you are not interested on buy your own private jets, but you often charter one, there are a few interesting programs designed exactly to build customer’s loyalty. 

Knowing your products is important.

The Private Jet crew should be aware of them in order to make good marketing for their company!

The Jet Cards

Probably the most important is the jet card. 

We are talking about an amount of hours paid in advance that you are entitled to fly on a certain type of jet. 

The Jet Cards are divided in hours, and the most common options are 25, 50, 75 or 100 hours. 

The customer purchases them at a more competitive price compare to the cost of the hours one by one. 

There is a time frame within which the customer has to use all the hours, for example 12 months. 

After that date, all the unused hours will be considered expired.


There might be also some limitations on the usage of the jet cards.

For example, you can’t use the jet card hours during peak season but you have to pay full fare for your flights during busy months instead. 

Another common one is that if you cancel the flight with a short notice you lose the related hours. 

One more: if the customer don’t consume the hours of the jet card within the time frame he’ll lose them.

The jet shares

Another interesting offer for private jet customers are the shares. 

This is called fractional ownership, and is basically when a jet belongs to different owners. 

This is aimed at “divide” the jet value into shares and sell them separately to different customers. 

In this way, your reduce the cost of the jet.

The investment goes from, for example, 20 million dollars for the whole jet, to 5 million dollar for one share of the jet. 

The share owners will be 100% owners of the jet.

These are an example of fidelity programs for Private Jets customers.

Sometimes, it may happen that the crew, as front line personnel, might have the responsibility to generally discuss or propose those packages to the customers.

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