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Customer’s profile: who flies on a Private Jet?

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You probably asked yourself this question hundred of times.

Before answer it, probably would be useful to understand at first place what is a private jet?

Business Aviation is often described as a time machine

And time is money. 

A Private Jet is the mode of transportation that allows people to schedule their appointments, meetings, visits and so forth like their year is composed by 14 months instead of 12.

Let’s get deeper into it. Imagine you are a successful Business Man and you have your Companies everywhere in the world. You can take the jet early morning on Monday, fly from Paris to London to attempt a meeting, then fly to Amsterdam for business lunch (everybody knows that important deals must be discussed during a meal!) and then, later in the afternoon, fly back home in Paris for dinner with the family. 

And it’s only Monday!

Multiply this efficiency for 5 days a week and you will have done the job of one month in 7 working days. 

Now, if you have to fly intercontinentally, by using your Private Jet you can take off after having said goodnight to your children, have a comfortable sleep overnight and wake up in Beijing ready for business . 

Those people can easily take a scheduled airline flight to go where they need to, but they choose to go for a Private Jet instead. 

And this is the case even more, nowadays, after CoVid19.  

That’s one of the advantages of flying private jet: you spend more money, but you have your privacy, your comfort, less crowd and the choice to land at the closest airport to your destination instead of a pre-selected hub. 

That said, the cost of a flight on a private jet can be very expensive. 

They could spend less than 100€ to fly on a low cost form London to Paris, but they decide to spend 10.000€ on the same trip because of the advantages in matter of time flight performance, passenger terminal at departure and destination, time to report for the flight, long queue, crowds.

Because of all the above, it is important that they do receive a special attention and extra care. 

It becomes extremely useful that every VIP Fight Attendant complete a customers profile of each existing and new customers after every flight, taking note about their habits, taste, mood, reading- music – flower preferences, how they like their coffee, if they eat healthy, if they have any intolerance or allergy and so on. 

In the list of the customers who choose Private Jets for their flights we can find Chairmen, CEOs, Royal Families, Head of States, Athletes, Actors, Performers and the big category of the HNWI (High Net Worth Individual or Ultra -High -Net -Worth -Individual), which includes people working in the Finance, Real Estate, Banking, Publishing, Fashion, Pharmacy, Automotive, Equestrian, Sailing, Industrialism and just Rich People. 

Private Jet Coach will give you the Self-Confidence to face any situation by showing you in detail the Service Etiquette and Service Choreography for each flight situation. 

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